Presidents Cup: College Final Four official stream!

Once again we find ourselves covering one of the biggest events in US chess. This time we’re covering the Presidents Cup consisting of the 4 strongest college teams.

Each team has 4 players plus 2 alternates to make a combined 24 player field. This field? We’re looking at 19 GMs, 4 IMs, and one FM who happens to be rated 2521 with 2 GM norms! Talk about stacked teams, so we expect a lot of fun chess over the 25 5 time control.

The event itself is a Double Round Robin starting at 12:00pm ET on April 3rd & 4th; 3 rounds a day. So come join us at: PassersGG! Joining us for commentary is the always fun GM Joel Benjamin, newcomer NM Evan Rosenberg, co-founder GM Mackenzie Molner, and returning IM Raven Sturt.

So don’t miss out on all of the fun:

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