• Presidents Cup: College Final Four official stream!
    Once again we find ourselves covering one of the biggest events in US chess. This time we’re covering the Presidents Cup consisting of the 4 strongest college teams. Each team has 4 players plus 2 alternates to make a combined 24 player field. This field? We’re looking at 19 GMs, 4 IMs, and one FM […]
  • US Amateur Team Official Streamers and 20% Throughout the Event!
    One of the most iconic events in the chess world is the beloved US Amateur Team East, affectionately just called the Teams or USATE from the community, is here! Better yet, in a partnership with NJSCF, we’re hosting the official Twitch stream: PassersGG! Come join us February 13th at 12:00pm and again at 6:00pm as […]
  • Who Were the Montclair Sopranos? Who Are We?
    If you’re involved in the online chess community, odds are you’ve heard of the Montclair Sopranos! Hailing out of New Jersey they were a pro team in the backed PRO Chess League with a solid performance throughout. Only one season, 2018, did they miss out on a playoff breadth. Throughout their years, the team […]
  • Playoffs: Away against Michigan
    We find ourselves away to Michigan again! Unfortunately this time Michigan moves on in the case of a draw, the result that we had during the regular season. What were the chances that we’d draw again? Apparently rather high since that’s exactly what happened! Both teams came out with different line-ups compared to the first […]
  • Match 7: Home against Massachusetts
    With one win away from the playoffs, Passers came out with another strong 2192 rated team. Massachusetts, already being out of playoff contention, used this opportunity to give some of their up and coming youth players a chance to get some competitive games under their belts. While only rated 1846, this team of youngsters showed […]
  • Match 6: Away against Maryland
    Last away match of the season saw Passers with a solid 10.5 score to help their playoff cause. After New York draw their last match, Passers found themselves tied for second and giving them the opportunity to secure their spot. First up, Passers had to get passed Maryland. Not willing to take any risks the […]
  • Match 5: Home against Maine
    Week 5 found a feisty team from Maine punching well above their ratings. Lead by NM Matthew Fishbein, Maine’s state champion, the team comprised of an expert and two class a players for an average of 2055. Much lower than our own 2198 yet that didn’t matter too much as the final score was as […]
  • Match 4: Away against Ohio
    For the third time out of only four matches we found ourselves once again the away team. After the disappointing loss to New York, the team rallied back in scoring a massive victory over the resourceful team from Ohio. While the score line was heavily in our favor, picking up 10.5 points, the match was […]
  • Match 3: Home against New York
    Our home opener brought heartbreak as we lost a close 9-7 match against the visitors from New York. Despite a strong effort from NM Jason Lu going 4-0 on board 2, the rest of the team failed to break even. Newcomers NM David Grasso and Ethan Klein both came away with 1-3 while John Mullanaphy […]
  • Match 2: Away against Pennsylvania
    Second match of the season was looking to be just as competitive as the first week. NJ made a minor change to the line up, switch John for NM Jason Lu. This match ended up becoming the Sean Finn show as he was the only player to go 4-0. Pennsylvania brought a strong team lead […]
  • Match 1: Away against Michigan
    Ring rust, blunders, and lack of time management made way for an entertaining match up against Michigan. While the match ended in the improbable 8-8 score line it was a fair result for both teams to start the season at 0.5 each. NJ were playing with Mac, John, Sean, and Ed for a strong lineup […]


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League starts February 14, 2023!

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