Returning: GM Gadir Guseinov!

Photo by: Andreas Kontokanis from Piraeus, Greece

The third returning player announcement is beloved GM Gadir Guseinov! Having played for the Sopranos he is back as a Passer and we’re expecting to see more great results this season.

Gadir, like his teammate Alex, is both well versed in team and individual competitions. Personally winning several strong opens such as Dubai Open 2010, Nakhchivan Open 2013, and Sitges 2018, he’s also played for the gold medal-winning Azerbaijani team in the 209 and 2013 European Team Championships. Surpassing their previous 2007 bronze and 2011 silver performances.

Now that he is back on the Passers expect to see him featured throughout the season!

Stay tuned for more roster reveals throughout the week leading up to our first match on February 15th at 10:30am ET over at: and!