Match 1: Away against Michigan

Ring rust, blunders, and lack of time management made way for an entertaining match up against Michigan. While the match ended in the improbable 8-8 score line it was a fair result for both teams to start the season at 0.5 each.

NJ were playing with Mac, John, Sean, and Ed for a strong lineup to face off against FM Mark Heimann, NM James Canty, Clara McGrew, and Ryan Wang. James winning all four of his games for Michigan was a stand out Player of the Match. Luck might have been on his side yet he stayed in there and capitalized when he was given the chance.

Speaking of luck, that was the theme for John on board 2. It favored him first round yet then left him out to dry in 3 following loses, including a misclick to drop a rook in a promising position.

On board three, Sean had a respectable 2.5 out of 4 including a win over Mark. While Ed finished out the night with the only clean win of the match by any player to finish with a solid 1.5 out of 4.

Game of the Week

We’re going with Ed’s game against Michigan’s third board, Clara for this game of the week. Besides having a beautiful finish, it’s also the only game of the match that wasn’t a cascade of blunders throwing evaluations all over the place!

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