Playoffs: Away against Michigan

We find ourselves away to Michigan again! Unfortunately this time Michigan moves on in the case of a draw, the result that we had during the regular season. What were the chances that we’d draw again? Apparently rather high since that’s exactly what happened!

Both teams came out with different line-ups compared to the first encounter. Michigan once again was lead by FM Mark Heimann alongside of three experts: Tony Nichols, Clara McGrew, and Devin Camenares. We went with a riskier line-up comprised of GM Mac Molner, NM David Grasso, NM Jason Lu, class b Arrik Leman on fourth board.

The gamble almost paid off in the last round where we found ourselves needing a 4-0 result and all four boards looking up for the task. Unfortunately for us, time trouble got the better of Mac on board one in the form of an unforced error dropping a pawn and ending in a peaceful enough draw.

Sadly that ended our season just as we were starting to acclimate to the playing environment and time controls. Next season we’re hoping to be even stronger and would like to extend a thanks to the States Chess Cup along with all of the other teams for a fun competition!

Congrats to Michigan on their strong season and good luck throughout the rest of the playoffs!

Game of the Week

Game of the week was a wild one. Although it ended in a draw with several missteps by both players it made for a lot of fun as a spectator. GM Mac Molner had an interesting sacrifice idea on move 12 with Nxd6. While the computer might not be a fan, white ends up getting an interesting attack and black had trouble finding good squares for his pieces.

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